Friday, May 25, 2007

Beans and I kickin' it at my release party last year.

Beanie Sigel - Creep Low (radio edit)

I have been really bored with rap beef lately. Jim Jones getting Joe Camel to dis himself was the last time I can remember being entertained by this shit, and now it's up to Mac to ride out for Jay and make me care again. It's pretty brief, but he has a few great lines in there, I almost died when I heard him say "you'd rather box a bear in a phone booth."

I really want Jimmy to respond, just to keep Beans active, cuz I think prescription sedatives might be getting in the way of his productivity, and I really want The Solution to come out someday. Supposedly, he's gonna be on some live instrumentation Scarface kind of shit for the new record, and this song, which is apparently gonna be on the album, seems to fit that description (1). That said, it isn't an incredible diss track, but it's not like you need to bust out the ether to outrap Capo.

And, because I said I'd post some older shit, here's "Mac and Brad" off The Truth, which is one of my favorite Sigel jams, and features one of the top candidates for Toby X's GOAT.

Beanie Sigel - Mac and Brad ft. Scarface

Bonus Beatzzz:

The Federation - College Girl

This song is really really ridiculous, but so is every other Federation song that I've heard. I go back and forth on how I feel about them as a group, but Rick Rock, whose beats I almost always like, definitely holds it down on this one.

Katt Williams - Sweat 'Cha Perm Out ft. Lil Jon, Lil Scrappy, Budda Early, Suga Free & Too $hort

This song has been around for a second, but I had a dream last night where I was hanging out with this girl, and she took me to some big outdoor show, and when I looked up on stage, I saw that Katt Williams was playing and started yelling "sweat ya perm out" over and over again, which I thought would impress the girl... so, uh... I figured I'd post it.

The song is okay, but no Lil' Jon joint should last 8 minutes, that's just silly. It's dope to hear Too $hort and Suga Free together, though. My mind is drawing a blank as to whether or not that has happened before.

(1) Unless the strings aren't real, or something. I can't fucking tell, cuz my mom wouldn't let me join orchestra in fourth grade.

Also, for anybody who doesn't know me in real life, that isn't actually a picture of me, I don't look nearly that cool.

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