Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Me, Snitches!

Yeah, I fell of for the summer. Whatever.

Turf Talk, Kells and UGK fucking killed it. Those records were pretty much my summer. Baydestrian was pretty tight, that Trae mixtape was dope, BOB owned shit, sure I'm forgetting a bunch of other good stuff, but I'll resolve that later. There were some nice singles, which I will hopefully acknowledge in a year-end roundup...

For now, I will just post a couple of things from the past month or so that made me happy.

Lil Wayne - Crank That Weezy Wee

"Why me listen to me speakin', I'm just gon' say whatever come to my head. I like chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. Macacaroni. Potato Salad. Chicken."

Pure Genius.

BG feat. Young Jeezy - Hustle

No song has made me wanna get money this bad since "Get Ya Mind Right" first came out. Anybody finds a CD quality rip, holler at me.

Mistah FAB feat. Too $hort - Lose It

So glad these dudes decided to make a bunch of songs together.

Project Pat -Rubber Band Me

This chorus really amuses me. Glad to see Pat staying on top of things.

Slick Pulla - It's Slick (Prod. by Mannie Fresh)

Not amazing, but I like it.

I'll try and post more soon.